How it all came about …

Our story is a journey that began in 1988, when we opened our pastry shop in Sarnthein. Toni and Paula, the founders of the company, ran the pastry shop with dedication and passion for more than two decades. But in May 2010 they decided to take a new direction. They moved their passion for sweets to their home cellar and from then on focused exclusively on the production of chocolate.

In the early years, Toni and Paula were a well-coordinated team, a two-man operation that produced handmade chocolate with a lot of love and commitment. But the family business was to grow further. In 2012, son Michael joined them to push chocolate production further and bring in new ideas. The creations became more varied, the recipes more refined. In 2016 the company moved to the artisan zone of Sarnthein, where it could develop further. From this location, in 2017, we started the bean-to-bar concept, mastering the entire production chain from cocoa bean to bar. This change allowed us to have even more influence on the taste and quality of our chocolate.

In 2019, son Hannes also joined the company to contribute his skills and knowledge. With Hannes joining, not only the team grew, but also the innovation. The development continued and in 2022 an important step took place: Toni and Paula handed over the company to their sons. The family business remained, and now there are a total of six workers in the company - the two founders, their two sons and two dedicated employees.

Today we produce about 10 tons of chocolate and 10 tons of spreads annually. Our first product, mountain pine chocolate, marked the beginning of our chocolate story, which now counts over 70 different products in its range. Our products have long since found their home in Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France, and we are proud to share our passion and our sweets with people all over the world. Our story is a journey from confectioner to chocolate manufacturer, marked by tradition, innovation and the love of sweetness.

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